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Re: P3D information

In message <B602A9F7.9882%na9d@mindspring.com>, Jon Ogden
<na9d@mindspring.com> writes
>on 10/5/00 7:11 PM, Tony Langdon at tlangdon@atctraining.com.au wrote:
>> Base station users will need to look at coax and preamp issues, portable
>> users at how to hang the various bits off one's body and still be able to
>> make all necessary adjustments to work the birds effectively (Doppler, Az,
>> El, Pol, etc ).
>The only problem with the idea of a "portable" station is that with P3D that
>will likely not be possible.  You will need gain antennas both to hear the
>bird and work into it.  The bird will have an apogee of about 43,000 KM (
>~35,000 miles).  At that distance, a portable station will not work.
>Let's be realistic about this folks.  Working P3D at 43,000 KM is far
>different than working UO-14 at 900 KM.  BIG DIFFERENCE.

A Mode L/S ground station can be just about the same size as one for the
LEO's. A high gain 23cm yagi measures approx 2 ft and a 13cms one just
18 inches. The equipment to work it would fit in a ruck sack. 

Think microwaves - forget Mode B and your size problems disappear

Simon GM4PLM
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