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Promoting ham radio: The HAMINFO project

Gary N9UUR wrote in the AMSAT-BB list:

> I thought I was going to have a problem at an Indian owned Casino
> in Michigan, when the security head drove up as a UO-14 pass started.
> "My Uncle used to be a HAM, when you talked to me before it sounded
> interesting.... how does this work?" 
> He came out to watch us operate the pass!
> I now travel with a copy of  "Now Your Talking" to give away.

That's a cool idea, and in that connection I thought I'd mention...

A few months ago I showed my lifepartner Gwen KB3DVJ a LinuxCare "Bootable
Business Card". This is on a CD-ROM that's only 6x8 cm (2 1/2 x 3 1/4 "). It
stores up to 50MB, and is available as a writable CD-R. The BBC can be used as 
a rescue disk for a damaged Linux box, it's a very cool toy. 

Now Gwen has begun a project called HAMINFO, to build and distribute a
collection of freely-available, public-domain or reproduced-with-permission
information about our hobby in this relatvely inexpensive format, to promote the
hobby as a part of the casual converations we all have in everyday life. She has
an impressive start with stuff she and I have written, run into, found
interesting, and gotten permission to include. 

Folks who would like to know more are invited to visit the Haminfo page at:


 73 de Maggie
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