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RE: Which is it - TIUNGSAT???

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000 Jean-Louis.RAULT@tcc.thomson-csf.com wrote:

> So the method consists in accurately measuring at what time (hh:mn:ss) the
> Doppler shift goes from positive to negative values, and then select the UNK
> keps which give the closest predictions about that Doppler null.

Yep.  I agree, as long as you know the exact (non moving) carrier freq.

Published frequencies may or may not be that close until after the birds
have stabalized in the environment of space...  Then the only way to
determine the exact frequency is to "konw" where the bird is and then use
doppler to work the equation backwards to find the center freq...

So its like the BIG-BEN time keeper that sets BIG-BEN every day to what
his watch says... that he calibrates at night to the BIG-BEN chimes.

Just a thought...

So the most accurate way is to record doppler throughout the pass, plot it
so that you get both inflection points in the curve and then take the
midpoint between those points.... etc....

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