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Re: P3D information

At 10:33 PM 10/5/00 +0100, Howard Long wrote:
>IMHO I think that getting a tip top station together in time for launch day
>may be a let down because the vast majority of modes won't be operational
>for a while.

Before Oscar 13 was launched I was working Oscar 10 with a TenTec Mode B 
satellite station.  It was designed to only work Mode B.  I attended a 
presentation put on by AMSAT at a Hamfest that basically said that AO13 
activity would be mostly Mode J and L and Mode B would be available very 
little, if at all.  I quickly sold my Mode B station (before everyone else 
caught on that it would be useless) and invested about $800 in mulitmode 
radios for 144 and 430 MHz.  I'm not terribly sorry I did that, but, as we 
all know, even when Mode J was still working, AO13 was in Mode B a 
significant percentage of the time.  From my point of view, the moral of 
the story is to wait to see what works and what is activated.  I do hope 
that P3D works perfectly.... but if it does, it will be the first phase 3 
satellite that does.

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