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SUNSAT Loud and Clear!

Another Testimonial...

Tonight I was going to listen to SUNSAT on some of the $88 Alinco HT's
that we loan out to students to verify they can hear good enough, but
forgot something. Ran back inside with 1 HT in hand and 2 in pocket.

Running through the hallway at least 50 feet and 2 walls from the nearest
exterior wall and on the 1st floor of a 4 story concrete and steel
academic building with all chromium tinted windows, I could hear the

Normally, I cannot even work the LOCAL repeater from inside this
building!  Can barely even hear the repeater unless I find a hot spot.

But there was sunsat!  This cleary demonstrates the  9 dB link
advantage of a 2m downlink (plus the added EIRP of sunsat).

Great work.  Back outside I did get into the bird loud and clear (once)
with my 5W HT and 19" whip, though a QSO is impossible of course.

de WB4APR, Bob

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