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RE: P3D information

> Here are the two main reasons why I asked for some P-3D 
> pre-launch keps:
> 1) At the end of October, we have a major annual ham 
> exhibition in France.
> We want to show some credible P3D footprint information on 
> our AMSAT-France
> stand. To be as attractive as possible, we plan to display 
> some pretty P-3D
> orbit animated pictures on large color PC screens.

There are some keps floating around, which simulate the expected final
orbit.  I've loaded them up in Winorbit, to get an impression of what P3D's
passes should look like from here (surprisingly good, given the 63 degree
inclination that puts apogee well away from us down here).

> 2) I'm writing an article for a ham microwave journal, to 
> inform readers
> about the expected Doppler effects on P3D SHF links. I 
> therefore need to
> quantify these Doppler shifts.
> Rather than wasting time or serving no purpose, please consider this
> information and explanation work as a desesperate effort to 
> draw new members
> :+))

If you're talking about the final orbit, the information you seek has been
on the AMSAT site for a very long time.  Someone also posted 4 sets of Keps
yesterday, which represent some of the intermediate orbits the satellite
will be in, as well as the final orbit.
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