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RE: Security Guard in the Building next door.

> I actually had the security guard from the building next door 
> to the hotel
> walk on to the hotel property tonight while I working UO-14, 
> pushed my arrow
> antenna to the ground and tell me that I had to stop 
> operating.  So, anyway,
> I explained to him what I was doing and he acted like the 
> typical dumbass
> and said "Oh, well, I'm security for that building over there 
> (on the other
> property) and we have to investigate these things."

Hmm, I'd have thought he had no jurisdiction outside the property he's
patrolling, and all he could do would be to either (a) have a friendly chat
and ask what's going on (in a polite manner), or (b) call the police, if
they wanted it investigated.

> I was tempted to call the police, however, it would have been 
> too late to
> finish the pass anyway, but does anybody have any ideas on 
> what we can do to
> prevent confrontations like this?

Haven't had that problem yet, but chatting to some of these guys at other
times can arounse their curiosity, especially if you're known to carry a HT
around (with a rubber duck, not an Arrow! ;) ).  Some security guards may
become interested in what you're doing out of curiosity, once they realise
it's nothing to be alarmed about.
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