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RE: P3D Info

I agree whole heartedly!!

David Kleinschmidt

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OK guys,

Let's try this again, but this time with more exact numbers:

1.) P3D will be launched sometime around Oct 31st.
2.) Considering all goes well with launch, the Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
(GTO) will be somewhere between 34 KM and 39 KM with an inclination of 6.5
3.) Three hours after separation from the last booster stage, the 70 cm GB
will be activated by the computer on board.
4.) In the following days all the subsystems will be checked out.  This
includes IHU2 with 9k6 downlink, RUDAK, CEDEX, GPS, etc.
5.) Position sensors and magnetic positioning system to be checked out and
6.) Depending on the specific Impulse (Isp) of the arcjet and the apogee
reached by the Ariane5, P3Ds apogee will be raised by the arcjet to between
60,000 KM and 70,000 KM.  This will take a period of about 9 months to fully

During this time depending on the available power, the satellite will be
available for limited use.  This all depends on sun angle, and other

7.) After the 9 months are over, the 400N motor will raise the inclination
to about 63 degrees.  These burns will take 5 to 6 weeks.
8.) The 400 N motor will fine adjust the inclination
9.) The 400 N moter will fire to decrease the apogee to about 47,700 km
10.) Further tests of the position regulating system and momentum wheels
will need to be performed.  P3D will be converted to three axis
11.) Solar panels will be unfolded and high power transmitters activated.

All this will take nearly 12 months to happen.

There, is everyone happy now?  This is the best information so far.  There
is no firm schedule as how things happen entirely depend on what the initial
GTO of the bird is.  I spoke at length about this with Keith Baker at
Dayton.  Keith's words were, "There's just a lot that could happen.  We
really just don't know right now.  This really is rocket science."

I'd suggest that if anyone wants more information, they should contact,
Peter Guelzow directly at db2os@amsat.org. However, I think Peter's a little
busy at the moment trying to get the bird ready!

Let's all relax and breathe deeply.  The bird is going up.  The first hurdle
is for the rocket to function and the separation to go good.  There is a LOT
that can happen.  The guys that are working on this thing really are an
exclusive groups and they are "experts."  They don't have time right now to
publish a schedule of a timeline.  They are trying to get the damn bird
ready in time to mount on the rocket.

So what do you guys think is more important?  Developing a web page that
looks pretty with free information that lists all the times of rocket
firings, or do you think that getting the bird checked out and mounted on
the rocket is more important?  I would tend that the second is more

Let's end this ridiculous thread.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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