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Re: UNKnowns now known?

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Jim White wrote:
> I'm not sure who provided the information that attached these satellite 
> names to object numbers but the identification of Saudisat 1A is 
> incorrect.  It is object 26546.  At least that is the object number being 
> used in the commissioning process and observations very closely match 
> predictions.
> As usual, the initial association of names to object numbers after a launch 
> is probably incorrect.  I can't remember a multiple object launch in the 
> past 10 years where the IDs were initially correct.  This is unfortunate as 
> it causes much confusion.
> For clarification:
> Saudisat 1A is object 26546, downlink 446.775
> Saudisat 1B is object 26549, downlink 447.075

Those downlinks are in the 436 & 437 MHz range, aren't they?

The case of objects 26546 (57B) & 26548 (57D) have been further confused 
as the published elements appear to have flip-flopped the parameters of 
these two objects three times so far.  At least that's what running them 
thru several prediction programs has indicated.

As you say, it's not the first case of confusing multi-sat launches.
But we need the challenge, don't we?  (Not really.)

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