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Help on Hazer/G5500

I am an old timer who finally got a place to hang his cap...and plant a

I have a two shelf hazer-like assembly for my Yaesu G5500.  I will cut a
2.5" hole in the upper shelf to allow the home made mast assembly to rise
from the bottom shelf, through the top shelf to the az-el combo bolted
together as a single unit.
For this purpose a special mast with a foot plate bolted to the bottom shelf
will be made.

1.  How far above the top of the tower MUST my rotor unit rise to prevent
possible interaction with the tower (Rohn 25)
Or is this of no practical import?

2.   Antennas will be the satellite combo made by M2.  Should I use a
bearing to keep the full weight of the array from loading my azimuth rotor?
Another 2400 MHz circular antenna may be added by spring.

3.   Information on the best switching pre-amp is hard to come by.  What are
you using and why?

All help is welcome.


Rev. William Jablonske  W9NNS
15419W Victory Heights Circle
Lac Courte Oreilles
Stone Lake, WI 54876-3059

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