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One more P3D observation

Hey guys,

One more note I just realized about P3D and the day we are living in.  Some
of us have gotten frustrated by the fact that some people seem to want
something for nothing.  I don't think it's as indicative of hams as it is
the population as a whole.  Everywhere we turn this idea is rampant.
Politicians use it as campaign pledges even.  OK, back to the birds....

P3D is the most complex amateur satellite ever launched.  It is far more
complex than the LEOs that are up and far more complex than previous Phase 3
birds.  The last bird even close to P3D was AO-13 (RIP).  But AO-13 went up
years ago (late 80s or early 90s I think?) and AO-10 was even earlier.

At the time that AO-10 and 13 went up, there really was no internet as we
know it today.  Sure, those of us who had access at universities or
government agencies used it, but it wasn't readily available.  For the most
part, in order to "be in the know" you HAD to join an organization like
AMSAT or the ARRL.  Today that's not necessary.  We have some of the P3D
design staff writing to us on this list!  We have tons more information at
our fingertips about what's going on.

When AO-13 went up were we able to get pictures from the launch site days or
even hours after they were taken?  NO!  Yet, today, we have all this info
available.  Think how lucky we are!  If there was any time that satellites
were "exclusive" it was then, not now.

Think how lucky we are!



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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