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Hazer, G5500, M2 combo


I have a two shelf hazer-like assembly for my G5500.  I plan to cut a two
inch hole in the upper
shelf to allow the home made mast assembly to rise from the bottom shelf
(through the top shelf)  on a specially made mast.

This will allow the G5500 to be on the mast but mounted together as one unit
above the top of the tower.

For this purpose I will have a special mast with a square foot plate cut and
drilled to mount on the lower shelf.

1.  How far above the top of the tower MUST my rotor unit rise to prevent
possible interaction with the tower or is this of no practical import?

2.  Should I use a bearing to reduce the weight on the G5500?

I appreciate all help.

Bill Jablonske  W9NNS  #LM490

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