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Re: UO-36 uplink woes

Hi Tyler,

Your uplink frequency agrees with mine.  I also have difficulties getting 
into this bird from time to time.  After asking around a bit, one or two 
commented on polarization as being important on the uplink to this 
bird.  I'm "stuck" at RHCP, so I can't easily experiment to test it.  I 
find sometimes that 100 Watts isn't enough, while at other times 20 Watts 
is plenty.

If you are able to uplink at 9600 baud to other birds, I imagine you are 
wired up right and maybe are seeing the apparent "deafness" that I have 
seen, and continue to see from time to time.  Wish I had more of a concrete 


Mark N8MH

At 05:30 PM 10/4/2000, Tyler Paradis wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm trying to configure WiSP so that I can get into UO-36 myself.  I
>read a thread from June that said I need to use the new MSPE, however I
>downloaded this today and installed it and during the most recent UO-36
>pass I never saw my station in the queue or see OK VA3SFL in the
>downlink traffic.  I get all kinds of great data on the downlink (and
>super fast!) however I'm left with 1 or 2 holes for each file that I
>would like to fill!
>I have
>Broadcast callsign as   UO121-11
>BBS callsign as         UO121-12
>Uplink frequency        145.960 set as FM-W in WiSP
>Downlink frequency      437.400 set as FM-W in WiSP
>And I'm using the FT-736r with the Symek IFD board and Paccomm Spirit-II
>Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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