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Re: P3D information

At 01:52 PM 10/4/00 +0005, Bruce Paige wrote:
>why do some require actual transponder activation times now? why do some 
>need to know pre-launch keps? ... no one, not even the control ops for the 
>satellite need any of this until the satellite is in the air. then, only 
>the control ops will need it until they

People have great interest, and therefore want to follow along and 
understand what is happening.

That's why they want to know.  I think telling them "you don't need that" 
is a bad idea, because it makes them feel unimportant, ie 
"outsiders".  Statements such as the one you made above can too easily be 
received as a slap in the face.

The much more interesting challenge is to make them feel like insiders.

Toward that end, information should be freely and repeatedly disseminated, 
collected on the web site, pushed out to the AMSAT community in many 
different ways.  Think of it as good community-building public relations.

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