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Re: P3D information

it still makes me wonder....

why do some require actual transponder activation times now? why do 
some need to know pre-launch keps?

no one, not even the control ops for the satellite need any of this until the 
satellite is in the air. then, only the control ops will need it until they 
decide it is suitable for the amateur community to start using it. unless 
they are having a problem and would like beacon reports etc (but keps 
won't be necessary until it is in the air). 

any schedule of transponders that is posted now will be meaningless until 
it is in the air and those transponders are determined to be functioning. 
why waste time giving any of this information today when it will serve no 

if you are trying to determine weather or not you should purchase a 5ghz 
receiver and come to find out that the transmitter will only be turned on 6 
minutes of everyday, then you might not want to spend the money. don't 
you think that all transponders that are working will be put to good use for 
the ham community. they are not going to have these things up there and 
not use them. 

i would suspect, simply because of the number of hams that have these 
capabilities. mode b and mode j as we know them today (mode vh and 
mode hv on p3d) will probably be the most common modes. if you have 
equipment for these modes, then all you have to do is wait and when they 
say they are functioning and ready for use, turn on your radio, download 
the published kep set and give it a try.

the great pumpkin is close to launch, we are all nervous and anxious. i 
don't care if the make-ready crew screwed in a screw today or tweaked 
the solar panels. i would like to hear that the satellite is mounted atop the 
rocket and the launch is next. (actually, i would like to see the satellite 
repainted to orange so it would fit the oct 31 launch....just a joke, don't 
bother emailing me on this).

for me, skip the middle stuff. i want to see launch, commissioning, 
naming, announcement of use. (all of which will be free and here on the 


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