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P3D information

Members and non-members alike can rest assured that AMSAT will
provide all necessary information for using P3D when it is
needed and available. Don't get excited. There is a long time before
99% of us will need anything - keps, frequencies etc.

Articles concerning the design and construction of P3D have appeared for 10 
years in various amateur magazines that cost money, including the 
Proceedings of the annual symposiums. There is no reason on earth that 
these articles should be reproduced on the web for nothing.

If it is on the web I use it and am grateful. If it is not I either
do without or pay up. It called being an adult and living in the real world.

Some information is on the web, some is not. Today I wanted some info on a 
PAL programmer. The web is a great place to start. I used a search engine, 
found a thesis by a student at a California university. It had a reference 
to a magazine article from 1994. With a little effort I found the magazine 
in the local library. Mission accomplished. I certainly didn't think that 
the magazine should have duplicated its information on the web, or for that 
matter, mail me a free reprint of a 6 year old article.


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