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Re: is there an schedule of event for after the lauch of P3D?

Hi, Tim,

At 11:29 PM 03-10-00 -0400, purl noid wrote:
>What I'm looking for is detail that can be found for FREE ;-)  Why should 
>I have to buy a magazine to get a schedule on the events planned for P3D?

AMSAT provides many free services for everyone including AMSAT-BB, the 
AMSAT News Service and it's bulletins, AMSAT on the air nets, a resource 
rich web site with lots of downloadable software, operating satellites, and 
more.  No charge.  No suggested donation.  Just free.

The "AMSAT Journal" is an important MEMBER BENEFIT, rich with useful 
information and good articles.  Even though the writing and editorial work 
is done by AMSAT volunteers, printing and distributing an archival quality 
publication like the Journal costs money.

That money comes, principally, from members' dues.

And, of course, dues help to pay for still more in the way of projects and 
much more.

So, if you feel you are missing out on something good, spring for a few 
bucks and support the amateur satellite society from which you and the rest 
of us benefit so much: AMSAT.  You'll be happy you did!

73, art.....

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