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Re: is there an schedule of event for after the lauch of P3D?


I've actually been members of these organizations at various points in my 
life, and as for P3D I've contributed to it with cash in the past.  I hardly 
need a sermon on 'the virtues of being a member'.  But thanks for the 
soapbox comments.

Perhaps if there was a little less BS flying around and more information 
like for example, what I'm asking for, there might be more interest 
generated, and then more folks might want to support AMSAT or the ARRL.

The idea that I need to join anything and pay dues to get information on a 
bird that is going to fly is just silly!

Although I agree in principal that we should support the groups who are 
actually running the projects...

Is this how these organizations are going to provide information to the 
public?  Requiring that the public become members?  I Hope not.  If that was 
the standard by which most organizations provided information there wouldn't 
even be any nightly news.

Tim - N1RZ

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