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Yaesu G-5400B rotator

Some time ago there was a discussion on this server concerning various
problems related to the G-5400 rotator and its control box. I had mentioned
that I had found a problem with lightning and the 10k pots getting cooked.
I since then explain the symptom and fix. However, the fix I made was
temporary and indeed it has been temporary.

I am beginning to have the same problem again due to the pots not allowing
a good linear adjustment. They are also very touchy to temperature
and dust. I thought someone had passed along what they thought or
found to be replacements.

Could someone on this list enlighten me once again. I cannot seem to find
this information anywhere. I have considerable information related to various
repairs to the rotator itself, but little or none related to the rotator box.
I need to get this fixed as soon as possible as I will be needing to rely
on its operation soon. I suppose I could, in a pinch, out-board other
units, but would prefer similar or exact replacements.

Any help related to these pots would be greatly appreciated.


Reid Bristor,  WA4UPD
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