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Re: so-35 parrot

You are an absolute genius (sometimes)!  BRAVO!!!  

Just today I wrote to the ARRL people doing the IARU survey on illegal 
operations and commented on the problems on the sats over N.A..

Jerry, K5OE

> Those of you that are subscribed to this list that speak Spanish....
>  When you hear the bootleg operators speaking Spanish on the Parrot, this 
>  your chance to tell them they are operating illegally. Since they are 
>  transmitting on the same frequency as the parrot will be receiving and 
>  retransmitting their signal, (personally, I think this will work). Tell 
> that we 
>  are now capable of monitoring their signal and tracking them down. They 
>  must stop using this frequency. 
>  Hopefully this breif opportunity we have in 2m up and the same freq down 
> will 
>  allow us to accomplish an amateur only frequency. 
>  I hope all my Spanish speaking friends will help in this. Of course, if 
>  problem exists in other parts of the world, you might try the same tactic 
> with 
>  them. They will have absolutely no idea that we can hear them and when 
>  hear us, they will think we are just as close to them as the buddy they 
>  talking with.
>  73...bruce
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