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Sunsat is in APRS mode on 145.825 and the downlink is bodacious!  It is
lighting all of the Smeter LCD's on my THD7 with no preamp 1730 EDT.

It is 9600 baud so it sounds just like a noise burst every 10 seconds.
The entire pass, I saw no one but me...  You will see SUNSAT ?? for the
telemetry packets, but once a minute you will capture a brief STATUS
packet. (and anyone else that digipeats APRS at any time!)

Next pass is about 7 PM EDT or 6 PM CDT etc...  And then again at about
2030.  Starting tomorrow the central USA pass (usually voice) will be
in PARROT mode.  Transmit and listen on 145.825 voice..  But all other
passes are APRS!  (It also comes over in the morning between about 5 to 9
AM your local time too)...

Uplink is 436.290 +/1 10 KHz doppler.  Use either 9600 baud or 1200
baud. But downlink is always at 9600 baud.  TUrn on your THD7 or D700 on
145.825 in 9600 baud and enjoy!  (Only the D7(G) can operate APRS mode at
9600).  But either rig with a laptop can work 9600 baud in PACKET Mode.

This is MODE B which means it is 10 dB stronger than ANY OTHER current
packet downlink, so you can hear it on a rubber duck.  No excuse not to
try it...

for details http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html

de WB4APR, Bob

SINCE NO TRACKING/TUNING is required on the 2m dowlink, just set your D7
or D700 up in the car and see what it captures...even if you are not

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