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Re: is there an schedule of event for after the lauch of P3D?

Hi Tim:

See the Jul/Aug 2000 issue of The AMSAT Journal for an article by Peter
Guelzow, DB2OS' in which he describes the results of a meeting that planned
the orbital maneuvers for Phase 3D.  Currently there are five orbital
maneuvers planned for Phase 3D that will take anywhere between 3/4 to one
year to perform. This article originally appeared in the AMSAT-DL Journal
and was translated and published with the author's permission. It is also my
understanding that Paul Williamson, KB5MU is supposed to be placing the
article on AMSAT-WWW in the near future. I think he is trying to obtain the
author's permission before posting; Peter is in Kourou and kinda busy right

Once Phase 3D is operational, it is my understanding that a management group
composed of international members will develop operating schedules that are
dependent on a variety of variables. However as Peter describes in his
article, there are quite a few milestones that Phase 3D needs to pass before
we get to that stage, so stay tuned for operating details and schedules via
ANS, AMSAT-WWW, and the Journal.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor

>Where can I find a schedule of events for after the launch of P3D?  Things
>like when to start looking for various downlinks, etc...
>Tim R. Havens

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