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Re: SSTV on transponder sats


> SSTV is nothing more than a CW signal varied in
> frequency and therefore has a one hundred percent duty cyle.

Amsat-UK looked at the this mode several years ago wondering if the 100%
duty cycle was compatible with preserving spacecraft power budgets etc.

We decided that a) yes, it *is* thirsty on spacecraft power; but b) there
isn't much SSTV activity so the consequences are fairly light. But c) if
the amount of SSTV activity rises alarmingly then the acceptability should
be reviewed. Consensus was that SSTV should be permitted.

To date there has been no collossal rise in SSTV activity and points a-c
remain valid with respect to power drain. Bandwidth is not a problem
until passband occupancy goes up by 10-20dB. 

(but this is about SSB/CW satellites, not FM)

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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