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TiungSat status

Yesterday morning, the initial stage of TiungSat attitude stabilisation was
complete when the satellite acheived nadir pointing using the Y axis
momentum wheel.  This mode will be employed for the next week until the beta
angle gets to around 45 degrees.  At this time, the eclipse time will be
dropping dramatically and the temperatures will rise accordingly.  To lower
these, we need to spin the spacecraft in BBQ mode (as per the other UoSAT
class spacecraft).  This can not be acheived while in Y momentum
stabilisation, so we will deploy the gravity gradient boom.

Payloads are currently being tested.  The radiation monitor CEDEX has been
running for the past few days and is working extremely well.  The imaging
system calibration is currently under way and this will take a number of
days before the system is operational.

A number of other payloads are still to be tested including the GPS, DSPs
and scanning receivers.  The redundant transmitter and high rate downlink
speeds will be tested toward the end of commissioning.

So far, everything is looking good.  I expect that it will be another few
weeks before the satellite will be open for amateur access.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
TiungSat Control Station

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