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Re: SSTV on transponder sats

> (I think of SSTV as a DATA mode and feel it should be moved
> from the USA SSB phone sub-bands to the CW/data sub-bands.).
> Jon
> NA9D

SSTV always involves voice interaction between the senders and recipients
and that would not go over very well in the CW/data bands.  It was very
difficult to find a place to put a benign mode like PSK31 even with its
miniscule 31 Hz bandwidth on the data bands.  I could not even imagine how
unpopular it would be to insert  3 KHz wide SSTV signals (combined with
voice, no less) in the CW/data bands.

You might suggest that they work split for voice and data, but that would
just chew up twice the bandwidth.

Lee Devlin, K0LEE
Greeley, CO

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