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RE: Icom R-3 & Mode L uplink linears

Sorry I can't quickly find my manual to see exactly what C3F and F3F are,
but I think I understand your question anyway.

Here in Texas we use BOTH FM and AM modulation schemes on 1.255 GHz and up.
In Dallas they use a lot of the AM modulation systems because they are easy
to obtain downconverters for.  This reduces the entry cost for the casually
curious.  Here in Houston we swapped to FM for 1.255 and up because of the
improved quality over our coverage area.  A C Band FM receiver, the Bensat,
was available for a reasonable cost that would cover the required
frequencies when fed with an LNA instead of the C band LNB.  Our plan was to
stay with FM for our 2.4 GHz system too.

Recently, however, loss of the repeater site to commercial interests caused
us change plans.  We obtained a very compact 2.4 GHz AM transmitter that had
formerly been used for MMDS (microwave multipoint distribution system)
commercial use.  This will allow us to go to an alternate site that has less
space available.

Our encoding scheme is almost 100% NTSC 30 frame interlaced here in the US.
However, Dallas also has experimented with digital transmission and we are
planning similar work in the future.

So, the short answer is:  Here in Texas we use both AM and FM NTSC and are
working to add digital.

Ron - AG5RS

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A bit off topic I know, but is C3F or F3F used in the US and Oz for ATV on
23cm and above?

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