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TLM and KSS files for MYSAT3

Does anyone know if the TLM or KSS files from MYSAT3 are needed by any of
the ground control team?

I copied the entire pass over Atlanta, GA last night, an 86 degree pass and
here are some observations.

a) don't know if stabilization is running yet, but the signal with Preamps
on a new set of M2 sat ants was only about 20over at the peak.  TO-31 on the
same setup is usually 60 over

b) I captured the entire pass in both TLM and KSS format (can do Kiss2asc)
if necessary

c) sigs were better towards LOS than they were from AOL to the peak (sorry,
don't know the right terms)  I didn't even look to see if it was a N-S pass,
or a S-N pass :-(... Sorry.

d) Keps might have come into play on signal rates.  I did sweep left and
right and up and down and noticed that it was pretty well centered with the
revised object number change.

e) I noticed one huge freq difference, to center the Discriminator on an
847, I had to put in 2300+ hertz offset from the 325 freq.

So there you have it.  If the TLM and KSS files are of use to anyone, just
point me to the right source.


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