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RE: RS-13 Frequencies

> >Hmm, there may be a case for a simple and cheap CW 
> transmitter kit, designed
> >for satellites. :-)  
> Nah, The ARRL says cw is an old mode, not helpful, and choking future
> growth. Could they be wrong?  We shouldn't mix hi-tech hardware with
> low-tech modes. The hobby won't grow if we keep using cw.
> >NOT<

Hmm, I tend to disagree.  I could get really clever and key the rig from a
signal sent out of the serial port.  ;-)  But the point is getting
_something_ on the air fir a first contact. :-)  Heck, I should try working
RS-13 while pedestrian mobile.  I have a 10m all mode handheld, just need to
pump some CW into it from a 2m box. :-)

> My first satellite contact was keying my fm HT on rs-10.  I 
> think the ham I
> contacted felt sorry for me due to the poor stability of my 
> cw tone.  It
> wasn't long after this that I joined amsat. I was hooked.

Hehe, I bet!  I was a bit more fortunate.  I was able to use a friend's SSB
rig for the uplink and a shortwave Rx for the downlink in the RS-10 days.
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