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WiSP questions

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of trying to set WiSP up to do all my tracking and radio
tuning tasks.

I have a Kansas City Tracker card, which is unfortunately just the tracker
version (ie no tuner).  So to tune my radio (FT847) for doppler shift I'm
having to use WiSPDDE to send to the radios CAT port.

My problem is that WiSP will only let me set up either the KCT card ("Level
1" driver) OR WiSPDDE ("DDE" driver), meaning that I can either track or
tune - not both simultaneously, which isnt much help  :)  Both of them work
fine on their own.

I did consider using another program like WinOrbit to do my doppler
shifting tuning via WiSPDDE, but it doesnt seem to adjust the frequency -
has anybody had any success with WinOrbit and doppler tracking?

WiSP seems like a very good program that does way more than I can work out
at the moment, so I'm hoping that what I want to do shouldnt be too hard.
What does everyone else with just the tracker version of the KCT do for
radio tuning?

Look forward to hearing from you.

73 de James VK2UJF
Sydney, Australia

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