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RE: RS-13 Frequencies

> We are talking about CW here arn't we?...a chirpy signal 
> hardly signifies a 
> MORON...especially if they know CW ...now does it?
> Where is the wasted bandwidth and transponder power?

The original post discussed the use of FM, not merely an FM transceiver
being keyed up to send CW.

> Maybe you need to stay up in the SSB portions of the band so 
> you don't have 
> to listen to us QLFers...or if you really have no tolerance for 
> experimentation...keep to the FM sats

The issue isn't QLF (I'm probably as guilty of sending QLF as anyone,
especially since I've been dabbling in CW lately :) ), or chirpy signals,
but the use of FM _voice_ on the linear birds.  FM voice uses 5 times the
bandwidth of SSB (16 kHz compared to 2.5-3 kHz), and 100% duty cycle for
less benefit (under weak signal conditions).

I say, bring on the chirpy CW (I've done the same old PTT CW trick myself on
RS-13) and the QLF, but FM is best left out of the equation, unless things
are _really_ quiet (can anyone say VK? :) ).
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