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Re: RS-13 Frequencies


Maybe you need to reread the message.  He was suggesting working FM, INSTEAD
of SSB & CW, on the satellite.  You DO read don't you?


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> We are talking about CW here arn't we?...a chirpy signal hardly signifies
> MORON...especially if they know CW ...now does it?
> Where is the wasted bandwidth and transponder power?
> Maybe you need to stay up in the SSB portions of the band so you don't
> to listen to us QLFers...or if you really have no tolerance for
> experimentation...keep to the FM sats
> Roger
> In a message dated 10/01/2000 9:24:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> kj4so@ipass.net writes:
> << RE: "At the risk of seeming to encourage poor signals on the air......"
> clip
>  What else could it be called?
>  If enough MORONS tried this selfish waste of transponder power and
>  bandwidth, they could make the satellite unusable for everyone.
>  73,
>  Woody
>  KJ4SO >>

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