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Re: RS-13 Frequencies

Well Jerry... I read your message a few months ago about your AO-10 contact
with the FM set--it's one of the reasons I'm trying this.  I even tried
hooking a key up to the PTT line, but the radio just doesn't seem stable
enough.  -- Frank

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> Frank,
> That sounds dead on target if you were at the end of the pass.  The
> "observed" Doppler shift on 10 meters is about +3 kHz at AOS, zero at TCA
> (roughly due east or due west of you), and -3 kHz at LOS.  If you are
> your FM rig, you will need to +/- a little for the sideband offset.  That
> not a bad way to make your first contact on RS-13--but it is a lot of
> You will find CW faster than about 7-10 wpm pretty dicey with the PTT :-))
> have done it myself and I have worked other stations doing it.  Heck, I've
> even done it on AO-10; one time with an Arrow antenna and a mobile rig.
> 73,
> Jerry, K5OE
> > What are the correct frequencies for RS-12/13.  I see several different
> >  pairs posted on the AMSAT site, and don't have my AMSAT Bulletin handy.
> >  think the correct 2 meter uplink is 145.96-146.0, and downlink is
> >  29.46-29.5.  I tried transmitting on 145.98 keying the PTT of my 2 Mtr
> >  radio and thought I heard myself around 29.477.  Does this seem right,
> >  was I listening to a little "birdie" chirping? -s-
> >
> >  If I'm not in the midest of holiday dinner, I'll try the next pass at
> around
> >  2315.  Listen for the awful note.

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