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RE: RS-13 Frequencies

> Historically, some of us have looked for those signals 
> (generally means a
> new op to welcome to the fold).  Along the lines of going 
> ultra-cheap (my
> specialty!)  many of the old crystal rigs put out a fair CW tone.
> Especially if you disable all of the modulation circuitry.  
> Then replace the
> netting cap with a varicap diode, and put a nice easy to turn 
> pot on the
> varicap diode.  Can you say really cheap doppler adjustment?  
> I made a lot
> of RS-10 contacts that way.

Hmm, there may be a case for a simple and cheap CW transmitter kit, designed
for satellites. :-)  Say, a few watts (< 5), VXO control, and a Doppler fine
tune adjustment.  Just plug in a key and go! :-)  Make it compact and
powered by 13.8V, so it can be used for portable or base station operation.
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