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P3D IHU-1, IHU-2

Hi BBers,

I read the post with the URL to the "Inflight Entertainment Page", on the
AMSAT-UK website (Thanks Richard). My understanding is that IHU-2 will
transmit telemetry at 9k6 bauds.

My question is, will IHU-1 be transmitting it's telemetry at 400 bauds PSK
during launch and initial orbits? After reading the "P3G to P3D" (The
Provisional Preliminary Pre-flight Guide to P3D, by Paul Beckmann WA0RSE),
it is my understanding that IHU-1 is the unit that actually controls the
spacecraft (attitude, propulsion, power generation, etc.). Will the two
IHU's share a beacon frequency, or will one IHU be one beacon 1, and the
other on beacon 2?

Thanks to Bent OZ6BL for the post about the DSP-12 firmware. I've dusted
mine off, but I'm having problem downloading the V40 file to my TNC with a
Macintosh. I'll try some other avenues to get this going. As I don't have
any access to an EPROM burner, is anyone on the list able to do this if I
send you the chips?

Thanks es 73 de John AA2BN

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