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Re: RS-13 Frequencies


> I suppose I could operate crossband with my IC-765 (on the 15 meter uplink,
>  but there is no way to hear myself on 10 mtrs.  Also, the 765 receuiver

There is nothing wrong with that mode of operation--I've been operating that 
way with an FT-100 for the last month or so.  It is quite common on RS-13.  
The Doppler shift is less than 1.5 kHz in mode K, so if you transmit at 
21.280, you can expect your downlink between 29.478.5 (beginning of pass) and 
29.481.5 (end of pass).  Just tune around a bit on the receive after you 

>  peaks up on the transmit VFO with the tuner on, and I normally can't take
>  the tuner off line because my SWR is kinda high.

RS-13 is so loud, you should be able to set your tuner for 15 m uplink and 
still hear the bird.  I've been working it lately with a 40 m inv-vee that 
has a very high SWR on 10 m and it still works acceptably.  If you have a 
high SWR on 10 m, you could consider stringing a 10 m dipole off the 
feedpoint of whatever you have and use it in parallel.  Orient it so it is 
broadside to E-W for best reception above 20 degrees.
Jerry, K5OE
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