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Re: RS-13 Frequencies

Hello Frank!

30 Sep 00 18:39, you wrote to All:

 FG> What are the correct frequencies for RS-12/13.  I see several
 FG> different pairs posted on the AMSAT site, and don't have my AMSAT
 FG> Bulletin handy. I think the correct 2 meter uplink is 145.96-146.0,
 FG> and downlink is 29.46-29.5.  I tried transmitting on 145.98 keying the
 FG> PTT of my 2 Mtr FM radio and thought I heard myself around 29.477.
 FG> Does this seem right, or was I listening to a little "birdie"
 FG> chirping? -s-

RS-13 is currently running Mode KA, which are as follows:

145.960 - 146.000  Mode A uplink
21.260 - 21.300    Mode K uplink
29.460 - 29.500    Downlink

The transponder is non inverting.

By the sounds of it, I'd say you heard yourself.  There is a few kHz
discrepency between your uplink and downlink frequencies, but Doppler shift
will account for this.

Tony, VK3JED
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