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RE: RS-13 Frequencies

Thanks for the clarification,  The satellite was very loud on my dipole at
30 feet this evening, and I heard my downlink from my FM radio, but it
sounded much too unstable for CW operation.  Guess I'll have to try somehing
else. -s-

I suppose I could operate crossband with my IC-765 (on the 15 meter uplink,
but there is no way to hear myself on 10 mtrs.  Also, the 765 receuiver
peaks up on the transmit VFO with the tuner on, and I normally can't take
the tuner off line because my SWR is kinda high.

Well, I could just plop in the middle of the passband and give a shot in the

Ah well, the SUNSAT parot is on this week, anyway, right? -s-


At 07:35 PM 9/30/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Analog Transponders:
>Uplink                                  Downlink
>Mode K:  21.260 -  21.300 Mhz            29.460 MHz -  29.500 MHz
>Mode T:  21.260 -  21.300 Mhz           145.960 MHz - 145.000 MHz
>Mode A: 145.960 - 146.000 Mhz            29.460 MHz -  29.500 MHz
>Mode KT: 21 MHz uplink into 29 and 145 MHz downlinks
>Mode KA: 21 MHz and 145 MHz uplinks into a common 29 MHz downlink
>Beacons: 29.458 MHz, 29.504 MHz, 145.862 MHz, 145.908 MHz
>Robot Uplinks: 21.138 MHz, 145.843 MHz

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