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Re: [HearSat-L] new ham sats

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, John David Corby wrote:
> The seventh object is the Gas Dynamic Shield which was released first.
> Megsat 1 was released 1 second later, followed by TiungSat-1, SaudiSat-1A,
> SaudiSat-1B and UniSat at one second intervals.

Although this does offer a clue, thanks to the mysteries of orbital 
mechanics, the order of passing a given ground location is more affected 
by their final orbital altitude and eccentricity, which has already 
extended the separation to be measured in minutes, and not necessarily in 
the same order as the original release, which also assumes release by 
similar method and orientation to the launch vehicle.

(What did he say???)     ;)

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