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DSP-12 - a good P3D 400 Bd TLM receive modem

Now is the time to dust of that DSP-12 which is sitting on your shelf and
prepare for the upcoming launch of P3D, because here is some good news for
all you DSP-12 owners: I have uploaded a modified version of the 400 Bd
PSK modem for the DSP-12 to the following URL:


The modification consists of a change to the software so that it sends 514
bytes rather than 512 to the listening program. In this way also the CRC
bytes will get transmitted to the listening program.

The modified modem has been tested by Stacey Mills, W4SM, and he has this
to say about the modem:

"I burned the new eproms and checked out the 400 baud PSK demodulator with
514 byte capacity. It works very well... Actually, very, very well. In
fact, doing some tests with some 400 baud PSK wave files that I have
generated, having a calibrated background noise, the DSP-12 functioned as
well or better than any other modem I have tested"

The file gce201.zip contains these files:  

GCE.V40 - Executable that may be downloaded to the DSP-12
GCE.B - PROM image for the B-PROM. Checksum: $1900
GCE.D - PROM image for the D-PROM. Checksum: $5000
GCE.F - PROM image for the F-PROM. Checksum: $4900

Have fun. 

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL 
(also oz6bl@amsat.org)

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