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ICOM IC-706 and IC-R10 and CT-16


In the quest for a less fiddly portable analog transponder station, I risked
purchasing an IC-R10 and a CT-16 satellite unit to go with my IC-706MkIIG.
The dealer wasn't sure it'd work. And as Icom don't advertise the CT-16 with
the IC-R10, I wasn't too sure myself.

Indeed, I was thinking or rustling up something myself with another

Well, it _does_ work. You can track in 'normal' and 'reverse', with either
the IC-R10 or the 706 as the main or sub VFO.

Quite smart, this CI-V stuff. Previously I've only played with Yaesu's CAT
interface which isn't anywhere near as smart.

Used with the Cutting Edge WorldPack (with 12V 7AH gel
cell)[www.aesham.com], it makes a very viable portable operation, at less
than the size of your average laptop case.

73 Howard G6LVB.

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