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TiungSat operations

Over the past couple of days we have been detumbling TiungSat ready for
nadir stabilisation tonight.  The satellite is now in a Y-Thomson attitude
at a rate of 1 deg/sec (This is a controlled end over end spin).  Tonight we
will activate the momentum wheel controller to lock the spacecraft pointing.

The first payload was activated yesterday.  This is the CEDEX payload for
gathering radiation data, and is very similar to the CEDEX developped for
P3D (actually the P3D CEDEX was developped first, and the TiungSat CEDEX is
the next rev).

Once the attitude is stabilised, further payload testing will be completed.

The downlink frequency is 437.325 MHZ.  Note that the object number seems to
have changed recently to 26546 (from 26548).  This is normal following a
launch as NASA don't know what the spacecraft are.

Chris G7UPN
(At 9M2MCS, Kuala Lumpur)
TiungSat Controller

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