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Off Subject Electronics Question

I know that this question is probably not intended for this newsgroup, but considering the types of people that are subscribed to this list I thought I would give it a shot, if you do not know, don't waste space and try 
and flame....

I have been looking at some N-Channel MOSFET Switching Devices, I have books
that go over MOSFET's very generally, ie, they dont tell me anything..

I am trying to use a NDC651NCT or something similar to Switch a circuit
on/off if need be, but use a microcontroller like PIC to decide when to turn
it on/off...

Does anybody have a project that involves switching things on/off using a
MOSFET (N/P Channel) and a PIC or some other type of Microcontroller..

Just as long as I can see how it generally works...

Really need pictures/diagrams...

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