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Re: WiSP... (now STS Orbit Plus)

STSPlus isn't technically Freeware, even though the author doesn't require
payment and the software isn't crippled in anyway while un-registered. I guess
it could be called "Donation-ware". On The STSPlus web site you find:

"Although STSPLUS registration is not required, it will be appreciated!
Registration helps defray the cost of support and encourages me to continue
improving the program. The minimum donation is only US$15, one of the best
software bargains around!"

Dr. Ransom has done a great job of constantly improving the program, adding
features and function over the years. Well worth supporting!

You can find the latest version for download, extras (maps, utils, etc.),
particulars of how to make donations and a LOT of other good info at:


Latest version of STSPlus is: STSPLUS Version 0034 (16 August 2000)


> > >Anthony Monteiro wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > Hi Michael,
> > > I believe STS Orbits Plus (which is free from AMSAT) will do this.
> > > 73,
> > > Tony
> > >
> > > Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
> > > North Andover, MA
> > >

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