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Re: WiSP, AO10 & FM sats

on 9/29/00 7:19 AM, K5OE@aol.com at K5OE@aol.com wrote:

> The 5/8 wl antennas might be pretty good for the perigee passes from west to
> east while AO-10 is still at very low elevation, but would be worse than deaf
> above 20 degrees.  The real vertical aficionados, of course, would use 5/8 wl
> up to 15 degrees, switch to 1/4 wl at until 40 degrees, then use a 3/4 wl for
> the higher elevations :-)

I'd agree with that.  Yes, a 5/8 wave would be poor at high elevations.

> What I really wanted to comment on was my observation the last two weekends
> that AO-10 seems to be increasingly difficult to work when it moves to the
> east on these perigee passes (currently in the morning over N.A.).  At
> relatively close distances of 20-25,000 km, and moderate elevations around
> 20-40 degrees, I find the signals dropping down into the noise.  This is in
> sharp contrast to last winter when the signals were very strong as the bird
> moved over Europe.  Do you guys note the the same thing with your big
> antennas? 

Well, since my antenna had some problems (now nearly fixed) and since I get
married in 2 weeks, I haven't copied AO10 for some time!  HI!  It could be
that the craft is either pointing away from us right now or that the omni
antennas are in use.  My guess would be the first.  Without attitude
control, it's in some off position.

In a little more than a month from now, I'll probably be able to take a
listen and see.  If I get a chance before then, I'll do it.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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