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Re: WiSP... (now STS Orbit Plus)

At 10:10 PM 9/28/2000 -0700, Jay, kf6rmg wrote:
>The same thing happens with almost all the software available on the website, it being offered free on one part of the site and costing money in another. Does anyone know the reason for this?

"Free download" and "Free license" are two different things. Everything you can download from the AMSAT web site is free to download. Some of it is also free to use, and some of it is shareware. With shareware, you're supposed to pay to use it, according to the terms of each package's license. For a few of the shareware packages (4 by my count), AMSAT-NA offers a license for a donation, so these packages appear on the catalog page as well as the download page. Other packages on the download page may require payment to the program's author instead, or as another option. Many of the downloadable packages don't require payment at all.

Clear enough?

73  -Paul

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