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MSK references (was: Re: Saudisat status)

If you want the real dirt, a good place to start is
S. Pasupathy, "Minimum Shift Keying -- a spectrally
efficient modulation", IEEE Communications Magazine,
Volume 17, number 4, 1979. This is *the* classic writeup.

The two main demodulator papers are R. de Buda, "Coherent
demodulation of frequency shift keying with low deviation
ratio", IEEE Trans. on Communications, COM-20:6, June 1972
and M. Hodgart and J. Schoonees, "A Robust MSK Demodulator
through DSP", Proceedings of the 1992 South African Sympo-
sium on Communications and Signal Processing.

The interaction of pulse shaping, power spectral density
and stuff is well covered in all the usual references. Try
Communication Systems by Haykin.

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