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Re: 400N P3D Rocket

At 27/09/2000 15:59, Ricardo Denis wrote:
>hi all,
>whlie looking at the P3D pictures, i noticed the one of dick daniels 
>holding the 400 Newton rocket in his hands. it made we wonder just how 
>much power is 400N. to satisfy my curiosity i'd thought i'd ask so here 
>goes: between me and my bicycle we weigh 115 Kg. if i were to strap on the 
>P3D 400N rocket to my bicycle, how long would it take me to accelerate 
>from a zero to 100 kilometers per hour (assume no friction and a level 
>surface)? thanks in advance.
>73 de rick

Acceleration = Force / Mass = 400 [Newton] / 115 [kg] = 3.48 [m/s/s]

100 km/h = 27.8 m/s

Time = Speed / Acceleration = 27.8 [m/s] / 3.48 [m/s/s] ~ 8 seconds

(assuming the thrust is parallel to your "level surface" ;-)


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