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Re: P3D G3RUH 9600 telemetry decoding

Viktor W. Kudielka wrote:

> From the description by James I conclude, that there is no HDLC protocol
>involved. I added to an old G3RUH 9600 Bd modem a NRZI-S(space) to NRZ 
>converter (two clocked D-FFs and a exclusive-NOR gate) and the RS-232 
>interface. I just hope, it will work.
>         Vy 73, Viktor

Viktor et. al.

I can understand the interest in receiving the 9600 baud transmissions.

But isn't it true that there will also be 400bps transmissions just like 
AO-13, and for those we can use the same modems as before, but with a new 
program to be made available by AMSAT and w4sm?

thanks, ron.
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