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TIUNGSAT-1 heard?

[The first attempt to post on the first pass bounced, so here's a combined 

First Pacific Coast pass:

I heard something that sounded like white noise with at an azimuth of about
25 degrees on 437.334 MHz, and when i got back from checking the other two
downlinks, it was at an azimuth of about 90 degrees about 437.328, and it
tended to fade in/out a bit with an antenna with horizontal polarization.  
Unfortunately, i did not note the exact time, but i believe the observation
period is roughly 0555-0605Z.  I did not hear anything near 437.075 or 
436.775, but i was working with fixed elevation and polarization, as my
portable antenna needed repair.  I'll try again with that during the next
pass if i can stay awake that long.  My location is roughly 122W17 37N50.
Thanks for posting the frequencies and KEPS.

Second Pacific Coast pass:

This is similar to last pass, 
but this time, i noted down times and very rough antenna azimuths (homebrew
antenna designed for fixed elevation).

    AOS   07:35:40  437.3345  310 deg
    MEL?? 07:41:30  437.3250  270 deg
    LOS   07:45:30  437.317   230 deg

Again, white noise with intermittent rapid fading (maybe once a second or 
so).  There is local clutter which could skew AOS/LOS (and i thought i might
have heard something after the time noted at about 437.314).

>From the KEPS given, my wild guess is:

    1 26548U 00057D   00270.68349566  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    16
    2 26548  64.5575 190.8699 0008325  91.1110 269.0887 14.75425375    27

Again, nothing heard on the two Saudi frequencies, but i still didn't have 
the hand-held antenna this time, either.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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