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Re: TiungSat in orbit


I can redirect any AMSAT mail for you at the UKM via Dr. Nafizah, 9M2NGK,
if necessary.

Good job


Sangat, 9M2SS 

At 05:33 27/09/00 +0100, Chris Jackson wrote:
>Early this morning Malaysian time, TiungSat-1 was activated from the command
>station at UKM University (9M2MCS) in Kualur Lumpur, Malaysia.  Excelent
>telemetry was received showing that the spacecraft was in good health.
>Telemetry was also received at the Surrey groundstation 1 hour later while
>the satellite was in sunlight and this confirmed that the solar arrays were
>generating power and the battery was fully charged.
>Currently the spacecraft is transmitting VLSI telemetry which is not
>(generally) decodable without special hardware.  As soon as the flight
>software is running I'll release the telemetry config file.
>The downlink is on 437.325 and is on at all times.  Today we will load up
>the flight software and start the attitude control.  With only 1 pass night
>and morning over Malaysia it will take some time to get everything running.
>More information as it happens...
>Chris G7UPN
>(Kuala Lumpur)
>Please note: I am not receiving amsat-bb mail while in Malaysia so please
>send any replies direct to me (and also to the list if you like).
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